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Senator Manny Pacquiao is one of the great and promising leaders in the Philippines. He has showed everyone how humble he is despite what he has in life. He became one of the greatest boxers in history yet his heart is always for the poor. He could retire rich and enjoyed all his money but he wanted to serve the Filipino people and helped the poor to have a strong and honest government. That's why he now supports Duterte administration because he knew President Duterte would make Philippines a better and safe place for everyone.

Senator Manny Pacquiao will always be a warrior in all aspects of life. According to Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, a blogger and supporter of Senator Pacquiao and President Duterte, he said "Despite being a successful boxer, Pacquiao had ups and downs. He lost to Darlene Custodio in the congressional race in South Cotabato last 2007 elections. He was knocked out by boxer nemesis Juan Manual Marquez in 2012. Despite his failures, he embraced these challenges and rose again. He never gave up."

According to Pacquiao, prayer is one of the most effective ways to communicate with God. It is also one of the great weapons when one person is having problems in life. But prayer should not be used only when one needs something, it should be done according to what the heart's desire. Mr. Dy added, "no prayer is lost with God."

Pacquiao has had a generous heart for people who are in need. The truth is, it is not his obligation to always donate food to the poor Filipinos, but because he has something to give for them, he always shares his blessings because he believes that being a Christian and a true follower of Jesus Christ, one has to put God's words into actions.

The People's Champ carries a true attitude of Filipinos, known for taking good care of elderly. By talking and embracing to an elderly, it means a lot. It just shows Pacquiao has a huge respect, thoughtfulness and compassion for them.

Pacquiao encourages Filipinos to have decent jobs and work hard for it. It takes a lot of hard work, efforts, perseverance, consistency, skills, and prayers to God in order to be successful in life. One person may start a small business for a while but having all these positive attitudes will help you become a successful person later on.

Being a true public servant, one has to know the needs of your people. I think Pacquiao did a very good job. He came from a poor family and his feet are always on the ground despite being a rich, successful and popular boxing icon in the world. Until now, Manny remains to have good values and I would give credit to his mother, Dionesia, for teaching her son a good Christian life.

Like President Rodrigo Duterte, Pacquiao hates drugs. That is one of the reasons why he wanted drug pushers and drugs lords to be punished by death penalty.  

Pacquiao has a lot of concern for the children and does not want to have a country occupied by zombies. Zombies are the people who are dependent of illegal drugs that could lead to various crimes because of detrimental effects of narcotics to people's decision thinking and making. 

In order to end Duterte administration fight against illegal drugs in the country, he supported the president to eliminate all those drug lords who continue to conduct their criminal activities.

President Duterte and Senator Pacquiao are known good friends. They have good plans for all Filipinos. They wanted to change the old and corrupt system of the government with the help of Filipino people in and outside the country. If you believe in them, kindly share this post to everyone and spread the good news how lucky we have to have them.

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