Watch Video: Senator Manny Pacquiao Nails Senator Risa Hontiveros About Death Penalty

Senator Manny Pacquiao answered the questions of Senator Hontiveros correctly with practical answers. 

Hontiveros made an example of Mary Jane Veloso who is believed to be an innocent from drug trafficking. However, Pacquaio said, "don't tell me you do not have trust to our justice system."

Pacquiao added that we should improve our justice system. He said that Duterte administration is for the poor so that a majority of Filipinos should be protected by the proliferation of illegal drugs. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said " Pacquiao is right by saying that Duterte administration is going to eliminate all these drug lords in the country. "

Pacquiao proudly said that "this is a Visayan administration that protects the poor." Hontiveros was really insisting that Capital punishment is not a solution to lessen the crime rates in the Philippines. 

Pacquiao answered Hontiveros by saying that these drug lords are not poor people. In fact, they controlled the poor people and took advantage of them. 

Hontiveros said that capital punishment is a cruel punishment for people. But Pacquiao said having a death penalty is one of the solutions to prevent future crimes for those criminals who are planning to conduct illegal drugs in the country.

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