VP Leni Robredo Left President Rodrigo Duterte During Typhoon Nina For A US Tour

Reports around social media that Vice President Leni Robredo and her family spent their Christmas in America, but the Netizens did like what happened since Naga City experienced a strong Typhoon Nina.
Vice president Leni Robredo went to America for a vacation while President Duterte helped Typhoon Nina victims in Bicol Region
In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "President Duterte, the father of the country, went to these typhoon victims who have lost their houses and properties while the vice president went for a US tour... For what?"
Outraged netizens said that it is good that our beloved President helped the  victims of Typhoon Nina. They became frustrated to what VP Robredo did to her people and asked why she left the country to spend her holiday in America while her people suffered the devastation of the supertyphoon. 
Typhoon Nina made landfall in Bicol region, and according to the reports, more than 380k people went to evacuation centers and spent their Christmas there. It was one of the strongest typhoon that struck the country since super Typhoon Yolanda landed in Eastern Visayas last November 2013. But this time, only small people died in the blast. 
President Duterte was spotted helping the victims during the strong storm. Supposedly he was celebrating his Christmas with his family but he made sure that the locals in Bicol region, a hometown of Robredo, were all safe. 
Despite the good deeds of the President, his critics continued to bash him. Nevertheless, Duterte truly showed his big HEART for the Typhoon Nina victims. He ensured that as much as possible all of them will receive the necessary support from the government.

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