Viral Video: Alleged Police Drug Syndicate Plants Illegal Drug To A Student

President Rodrigo Duterte is working hard to eliminate all those drug dealers and those law enforcers who still operate one of the biggest drug syndicates in the country, probably from the alleged former administration. 

A man showed a viral video of police officers who allegedly put illegal drug to a criminology student. These alleged non-uniformed cops pulled off the implanted drugs and told the student to admit his criminal act.

General Dela Rosa admitted before that there are still corrupt and those "drug syndicate cops" in their organization who are destroying the image of other honest law enforcers who work hard for the country.

A man, who showed a CCTV video, believes that this criminology student is innocent one. He thanked that there is a CCTV camera of what really happened so that this kind of police brutality will be soon over in their place.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "there is truth to that that some police officers are involved in illegal drugs and corruption. It has been the old tradition that the new administration is now trying to correct. It's a viral disease that must be stopped as soon as possible."

Mr. Dy added, "there are a lot of better and good cops out there who are willing to sacrifice for the welfare of other people and for the country. But it is good that we have CCTV cameras."

The truth is, a lot of Filipinos say that they are more safe now than before. It is just that DON'T DO DRUGS so that you are safe, as the President already warned these 'zombie' criminals about these illegal activities before and has renewed his vow to eliminate all of them.

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