Leni Reassures Her Supporters She Won't Resign As Vice President

Vice President Leni Robredo reassured her followers that she will remain as the vice president until 2017 after some reports on social media that the former senator Bongbong Marcos will replace her place. 

Sen. Trillanes who is considered as an ally of VP Robredo said, "I do that before the year 2017 ends, we would have a new vice president." If the recounts proves that Marcos really won last May elections, Bongbong should take an oath as the real vice president.

Marcos supporters and Robredo followers are exchanging heated arguments on social media about who is the real winner in the last elections. 

For Marcos camp and loyalists, Robredo has thought that she was a cheater who allegedly tampered PCOS machine  to help her win the vice presidency. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "recount will put all these allegations away. Whoever wins in the recount, Filipino people should respect that decision. 

Mr. Dy added "I believe 215 thousand votes led by Robredo last May elections won't matter at all if found null and void because of alleged cheating."

Issues of cheating among countries really happened everywhere even in rich and powerful countries. But if there was a cheating issue particularly in the magnititude election fraud in the Philippines, it should be investigated immediately to bring back public trust in our electoral system.

Leni Robredo: I won't let anybody steal the vice presidency

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