Actress Aiko Melendez Says President Duterte is One of The Best Leaders in the World

It's not the first time that President Rodrigo Duterte has achieved the administration of world leaders. In fact, he got a new admirer, actress Aiko Melendez, who said he was the one of the best presidents on planet. 

Aiko Melendez truly admired President Duterte for doing what is right in the country and for making the Philippines a great nation again...

According to the post of Ms. Melendez, she said "walang perpektong leader! We should always see the good side, i know its not an everyday expression for some people who are conservative but at the end of the day, we must consider how he fights for our Country without hidden agenda and un ang mahalaga.”

This post got a lot of thousand shares on social media after she posted it. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "Aiko Melendez appreciates the good works of our beloved president Rodrigo Duterte. Instead of bashing the current administration, why not help the government to make a better one."

It is true that Duterte's words had been misinterpreted by his opponents in politics for several times. That's why Melendez defended the President from his critics who have plans to ruin the good system of the government.

The actress added: For me siya pa din ang best president because he addresses our current problem with a solution not just all talk..."

The unique ability of the President compared to other leaders in the country is that he is not a coward leader but he is a strong and honest one. If he needs to go to the typhoon or bombing victims, he will go there because he has a heart of a true leader. 

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