Watch This Video: Protesters Using Children Against Marcos Burial

By Alon Calinao Dy: Watch this viral video wherein Senator Leila De Lima and protesters alledgedly used children in their protest against Marcos burial.

Dozens of students were used by the opposition in a protest against the burial of the late Ferdinand Marcos in a heroes' cemetery.

Some young students were asked why they're at the rally. These young students did not know as some older people wanted them to be there.

Netizens called the attention of the opposition and warned the proper authorities not to use young students for their political interests and should not teach so much hate among them.

It is common in the Philippines that some protesters are religious leaders and many of them are using God for the sake of their personal beliefs, which are opposite to their roles as "preachers of God's words." 

I don't understand why these protesters have so much hate in their hearts. They could not change the past and the best thing to do right now is to forgive others and heal those wounded hearts. 

Late President Marcos did so many things for the country. He achieved a lot of things that the succeeding administrations destroyed his legacies. For Marcos supporters, he is a true hero because they thought Philippines would be a rich country without Aquinos.

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