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By Alon Calinao Dy: We've all heard about President Rodrigo Duterte almost everyday in the newspaper,  blog,TV, and other foreign news. That's probably Duterte is a very controversial political leader who would not mind what others think about him for as long he does his job well.

A lot of local news today tries to destroy the image of the president who is about to eliminate big drug syndicates in the Philippines. I always wonder why these critics always see something wrong about him.

In the past fifteen years, do you think Philippines became a safe country for every Filipino? I don't think so. In 2001, I was a college student before in Manila when I first witnessed a student who was robbed by a criminal at around 3 p.m. outside the university where there were a lot of people who witnessed the crime and did not even care to help the poor student.

Honestly, I don't want to compare President Duterte to other past presidents because it was a big insult on the part of him. Nevertheless, I am one of the million supporters who continues to believe in him. Perhaps, I may be one of those who said that Philippines has became a safer place for everyone than ever before.

When you know you hate President Duterte because of his foul remarks, you may not understand what I'm talking about his first 100 days achievements. You can hate the PRESIDENT all you want but don't be blinded by the biased you read in the newspaper and TV you watch online.

One of the problems in the Philippine politics is that the word "payback." I guess you've probably heard of it all the time especially if someone lost in the election, in many instances, losers want for "an eye for an eye." This is most common attitude in the province of Samar where there were a lot of political rivalries who were killed because of dirty politics.

Whatever your reason for disliking President Duterte, I will respect that. It's a way of telling that all of us have different views of what is really happening in our country. But in my personal opinion, Philippines is on the right track for having a "thinking" president who works hard for his people who voted him into office. 

Anyone can have a reason why they like or dislike President Duterte. At some point in our lives there's a question you need to ask yourself -- when is the last time you become comfortable and safe around you?

For the first time of my life, I feel safe now. Aside from a sudden drop of criminalities in the country, many drug addicts have already surrendered to the authorities and the government has doing its best to help these drug users to change for the better by building rehabilitation centers in Nueva Ecija. I personally thank President Duterte, General Ronald Dela Rosa, and the whole Duterte cohorts. 

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