Rosanna Roces May Link Senator Leila De Lima As A Mastermind Of Prostitution Inside New Bilibid Prison

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reports all over social media say about the allegations that Senator Leila De Lima has a knowledge about the prostitution business inside the New Bilibid Prison where Osang reportedly the mistress of drug kingpin Vicente Sy.

Outraged netizens questioned the former Aquino administration on the alleged why they let Former DOJ Secretary De Lima operate all the criminal activities.

Concerned Filipinos do not believe that Aquino administration has no knowledge about these illegal transactions particularly illegal drug trade.

Unidentified witnesses said that a big money drug deal was not found outside the New Bilibid Prison but it was inside the maximum bilibid prison whose names of 10 high -profile inmates could do anything they wanted to do. 

These witnesses also said that there were a lot of big sexy celebrities who became the clients of these inmate drug lords as they could offer huge amount of money for them.

Now, outraged netizens believe that Senator De Lima may have a knowledge on these accusations that she may be involved of these rampant drug trade and prostitution inside the New Bilibid Prison in Muntilupa City.

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