Robin Padilla Thanks General Bato And Duterte Adminstration For Keeping His Nephew Mark Anthony Alive

By Alon Calinao Dy: Not all illegal substance users or drug users are get killed by Philippine policemen, unless these criminals are real threats to the law enforcers that they need to defend themselves against these violators.

Actor and avid supporter Robin Padilla of President Duterte thanked General Dela Rosa and Duterte administration for keeping his nephew Mark Anthony alive.  Robin Padilla and late actor star Rudy Fernandez are first cousins and known to be close to one another. 

Most critics are concerned about the drug suspects that are being killed almost each day in the Philippines. In the case of younger actor Fernandez, cops have found out that they were not at stake during their car chase to the young actor.

Nowadays, many celebrities are involved to illegal drug trade, or if not they have been found as drug pushers and users. But good thing is, many artists are now aware and campaign against illegal drugs and tell their co-celebrities to stop drug use.

President Duterte said that he is not going to stop fighting these criminals who continue to operate illegal drugs in the country, and nothing would ever stop the Duterte administration from doing this so until every family is safe from these banned drugs.

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