Senator Antonio Trillanes Didn't Like His New Name As A 'Living Demon'

Many Filipinos want one of Tulfo brothers becomes a new DILG Secretary in the government because they have been proven as tough guys who love their country so much. 
Ben Tulfo, who called out Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to face him in a fist fight, was admired by a lot of Filipinos for his courageous acts. 
In some reports, Trillanes did not like his name as a living "Dem*nyo" on social media after Ben Tulfo said that he is willing to cut off Trillanes devil's horn. But netizens reacted to include his head as part of vengence. 

Trillanes, who faced some allegations of treason, corruption, falsifications of documents, intimidation, and other charges, seemed reacted to his new name that he is a living evil as he has been one of the most hated senators in the Philippines after Senator Leila De Lima who is now in jail. 
In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "it appears from the very start, Trillanes didn't bother if he was called as 'Sundalong Kanin, Trillones, Asong Ulol, and so on...' but it seems he was pissed off when netizens called him as a living 'Dem*nyo." 
Many expressed their dismay and frustration to Trillanes and why this senator is still not in prison after he committed a treason because he was one of the masterminds of Oakwood Mutiny in the Philippines. 
Ever since, the fight against corruption is hard to win, but President Duterte has made it simple for everyone. That is why Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said that Trillanes was a paid politician who is willing to protect the personal interests of his very rich and close friends in the country.

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