Billionaire Lucio Tan Owes Billion Taxes To Filipino People

The brave and very popular President Rodrigo Duterte said, "yung mga mayaman talaga, talagang kalaban ko 'yan. Sabihin na ninyo na inggit ako sa sa inyo, totoo 'yan, pero magbayad kayo..." 

The president added, "yumayaman kayo nang yumayaman 'di naman kayo bumabayad ng taxes." 

In some reports, the Bureau of Internal Revenue is preparing to file tax case against business mogul lucio C. Tan and rich and so-called oligarchs mentioned by the president.

"Frankly, I'm not aware of any pending case against Mr. Lucio Tan, but give me a few more days and I'll look at the records and talk to the assessment people of BIR and probably I can come up with a definite answer," Dulay said.

"Well, as far as I know, wala pa kaming nadedevelop na kaso diyan sa mga nabanggit ng Presidente," Dulay told reporters on Monday, the last day of filing of income tax returns.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he shared bad experiences to the companies owned by Tan, he said "when I was an OFW I lost more than hundred thousands pesos in my PNB account, I tried to ask the manager in Gapan branch, Ms. Chabeng but she could not tell exactly how I lost my hard-earned money that I invested to PNB Life insurance. She waited for me to go back overseas so I could no longer follow my money." 

Mr. Dy added, "good thing, I did not go back abroad but when I called the main PNB branch, I already learned that I lost more than 100k pesos in my investment, without giving me any updates. SO SAD that I couldn't move on till now."

Mr. Dy also shared his unforgetable experience when he travelled going to Japan: 

Earlier today on Aug. 31, 2016, I just had a bad experience with Philippine Airlines flight PR 428 going to Narita, Japan. First of all, at the arriving counter of the luggages in Terminal 2, Philippine airport, I could sense that their staff didn't care much about their passengers. Well,  it was OK for both of us to be separated in designated seats if it was only me and my wife, but we had a 9-month-old baby girl that really need assistance from time to time.

When I learned that this staff of Philippines airlines separated us from our seats, I went back to the counter and explained to that lady that we need to be closed, especially when I heared, according from their conversations, that there were a few passengers with vacant seats. 

After a brief and pleaded talk for them to understand our situations, the staff of Philippine Airlines finally changed the arrangement of our seats. I thanked her for doing so and taking my request into consideration. 

When we were about to take off, my wife had an headache. It added when we changed soiled diaper of our baby inside the toilet. Because of turbulence, my wife seated at the back near the comfort area, as there were vacant seats, until she decided to stay in this area in the meantime since she might vomit anytime as she told me.

I asked a flight attendant if it's OK if my wife can transfer as she requested as she was not feeling well. This flight attendant thought and assumed that we were looking for a bigger space as she tried to charge us 30 USDfor transfer. 

When our seatmate heard about it, this nice guy, our seatmate, asked if he could transfer to another seat to give us more space. I thanked this good guy as he understood our situation that I had a 9-month-old baby and a nauseated wife.

I called the attention of Mr. Munoz, one of the crew members and I thought responsible for the well-being and comfort of everyone. I talked to him about my concerns. He said that that there were just a misunderstanding between his flight attendant and me. He also said that there were no any charges at the back seat, only at the front rows. 

I told Mr. Munoz that it seemed his crew had a little care for the passengers especially when they knew that my wife was not feeling well and anytime she might vomit. She just took bonamil for her headache. I also told him that we are about to give a $30 money to the flight attendant who was looking for the available seat. 

Mr. Munoz humbly apologized for what happened, and I also said sorry if I called his attention regarding this matter. I just want the crew members of Philippine Airlines to take into consideration the welfare of every passenger especially women carrying infant, pregnant women and old people. 

After a few minutes, the lady crew came and apologized to us especially to my wife because she didn't know she had an headache. I just thought she heard me say about it. But anyway, apology was accepted. I just wish and hope that the staff of Philippine Airlines should be sensitive to the needs of their passengers.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte has alleged Tan has as much as P30 billion in unpaid taxes. The president who met our OFWs in other countries has promised to help them in any way he can.

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