A Crying Mother Appeals To Restore Death Penalty For Drug Addicts

A mother of a teenage boy cried after her son was stabbed by unknown drug addict in their place. She is now asking for a justice.

According to the mother, Riza Duran Manzano, her son named Ken was a victim of an alleged drug addict and alcoholic person after he attended simbang gabi. 

The said incident happened at around 6 am, December 22, at the overpass in Pasig public market.

The mother of the victim is asking for prayers to her son who is now in critical condition. 

Millions of Filipinos are asking to restore the death penalty in the Philippines. In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "criminals have no fear to the rule of law."

It is about time that the government should implement their laws for everyone. It should be punishable by death for people who have committed heinous crimes.

It is about time that Filipinos should see the real situations around them. Many innocent lives have been lost because the government is too weak to put these cruel criminals behind bars or if not kill them.

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