A HealthTap Review

By Alon Calinao Dy: I've been a member of HealthTap for several years now, and I found it really helpful whenever I have health concerns. HealthTap has thousands of doctors all over the world that render free medical opinions and health tips for everyone. You can also download or install HealthTap application from your app store.

As I placed the invitation letter from HealthTap here, I would say they have helpful and best doctors' insights that every member loves to read and apply it to their daily life. In fact, it is very popular and I think it grows rapidly each day. It is available on any devices like iPod, iPhone, and Android.

I would still write about HealthTap even if they did not ask me to. As long as it helps many people and it is totally free, it is a great help for people who want to have different health answers to their questions. 

For instance, if you ask a question: what are the measures for headache? Within a short period of time, several health care professionals or doctors will try to answer your question. You can instantly read their advice and have many options which one is to follow among the responses from the trusted physicians. 

To be honest, I felt really depressed when my wife suffered an unexpected miscarriage last Decemeber 2014. Read the full story here>>> my painful storyHealthTap community helps me in a way that I have had a real connection with other people who have painful stories like me. I REALIZE I am not alone in this world.

As I read their different health problems, I have come to understand that they have suffered more than I felt the pain. They have battled chronic illnesses for many years, but they are still fighting to live long for their loved ones. I admit I don't know how to cry, but it touches my heart reading all their health concerns that they want to live long for their beloved families.

Lastly, I encourage everyone to ask and submit real questions and expect prompt answers from the reliable health care professionals around the world. Although others say that HeathTap's doctors are getting compensated for their work, I don't think their site is generating a huge amount of money. It actually saves patients' money and avoid being hassled through a series of appointments with the doctor.

Congratulations, great job! 

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