Sunday, May 28, 2017

Do You Confirm Your Support To President Rodrigo Duterte's Declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao?

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law in the Islands of Mindanao last Wednesday on May 23 against Islamist insurgents called Maute "terrorists" group who idolized Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a known group of terrorists who victimized innocent people.

“I will not allow abuses. The courts will stay open. But to anyone holding a gun or confronting the government with violence, my orders are, ‘Spare no one,” Duterte told Filipinos around the world as he promised to maintain peace and order in Mindanao.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "President Duterte has been fighting terrorists for many years, and as a father figure for all Filipinos in and outside the country, the declaration of Martial Law is necessary to protect the welfare of  innocent people and the state."

The problem now with these Islamic insurgents is that they mixed with local residents and ordinary families. That is why it's really hard to trace each one of them., and some say that these militants had already got the sympathy of the some locals. If Filipinos want to have a progressive change in the country particularly in Mindanao, then they have to change for the better.

Even around social media, there are some supporters of these Philippine militants and other biased media groups who portrayed themselves as "Filipinos media" but seems happy about these criminal activities of Islamic militants at Marawi City in Southern Philippines. This is one of the reasons why Filipinos need to confirm their full support to the president and to the good future of the country.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Do You Support President Rodrigo Duterte's Declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao

On May 23, 2017, President Rody Duterte declared Martial Law while he was in Moscow, Russia after the violent crisis between the Philippine forces and the Maute Group in Marawi City. The Martial Law will be implemented on the entire island of Mindanao for 60 days.

According to Senator Gringo Honasan, he is in favor of Martial Law, but the president needs to report to the Congress and Senate the legal document of his Martial Law decision within 48 hours.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "the only reason why the president declared Martial Law is to protect the safety of innocent people and to solve the rebellion in the Islands of Mindanao particularly in Marawi City."

There are many people who agree and disagree about President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao. If you are going to ask about, what do you think? Are you in favor of Duterte’s decision on using Martial Law?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Allegedly Defends Maute 'Terrorists' Group Against President Duterte's Martial Law in Mindanao

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV questioned President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of martial law in Mindanao, saying there is no basis for such action.

In an interview with reporter, Trillanes believed  that Duterte could try to control first the situation in Marawi City before declaring martial law in the whole island of Mindanao, instead of just in Marawi City, where the clashes with the Maute group happened.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "Maute group is considered as a terrorist group, and they have been terrorizing the locals for many years till now the government is trying hard to eliminate but the problem is that they mixed with ordinary people and families."

Despite the great effort of President Duterte to maintain peace and order in Mindanao, Trillanes criticized Duterte and said, “Laoag pinagbigyan natin ito ngayon, malamang ay aabusuhin niya ito at dadalhin sa susunod na leg, buong bansa ma-de-declare sa martial law.” 

Netizens on social media defended the president against Trillanes, as if Trillanes is always acting against the current administration and criticizing Duterte but has offered no solution to solve the terrorist attack in Mindanao. The loudmouth senator blamed the president and said, “Kating-kati mag-declare na hindi man lang binigyan ng kaunting panahon yung Armed Forces to give an assessment or control the situation bago mag-declare ng ganun.” 

In this case and in the opinions of other people on social media, it seems Trillanes is defending Maute 'terrorists' group and probably another plan of opposition to derail the present administration after several ISIS attempts and attacks to different countries.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CHR Chito Gascon Allegedly Allows Illegal Drugs To Dominate in the Philippines

A policewoman questioned CHR Chito Gascon about the role of Commission on Human Rights when it comes to criminals and criminal activities, she said, "bakit ‘pag ang pulis ang napapatay, hindi sila umaaksiyon? Sarhento na ang kapatid ko, walang yaman, walang kotse ni walang bisikleta yan, di siya corrupt, wala siyang pera, matapang lang.”
Gascon, a Human rights campaigner, accused the president of organizing or  tolerating vigilante squads that targeted drug lords and drug pushers.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "for many years Philippines suffered from the slavery of Illegal Drugs, Duterte's battle against narcotics is a win-win situation for Filipinos and should be supported by a majority of people." 

I think Gascon doesn't care the lives of police officers who just do their duties and risk their own lives in order to keep peace and order in their areas of responsibility.

Some of these policemen have children and wives who depend on them. Knowing that they die from their duties and responsibilities, others now ask why CHR couldn't do something about it. Do these criminals have the rights to live by killing innocent people?

I don't think CHR led by Gascon is doing the right thing when the Commission is always opposing the current Duterte administration for solving country's issues of illegal drugs, corruption and criminality. What I used to believe, CHR advocates are probably protectors of illegal drug pushers and users.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Senator Leila De Lima And Senator Franklin Drilon Want To Remove President Duterte From His Power

Many Netizens do believe that Senator Leila De Lima and Senator Franklin Drilon want to remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte from his power as a duly elected president according to a lot of social media posts. De Lima, who criticized Duterte for his war against illegal drugs, is now in jail facing allegations that she is the Protector of drug lords across the Philippines. 

According to a lot of reports in social media, aside from senator Leila De Lima, Drilon is one of the masterminds of Liberal Party who wanted to oust President Duterte from his power, and many people questioned the number of his votes "Why Did Franklin Drilon Get More Votes Than Duterte?"

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "De Lima, Drilon and Trillanes (DDT) probably hate Diehard Duterte Supporters (DDS) for protecting the president and the future of the Filipino people who have been longing for a real change in the country. But DDS are unified and would do their part for the common good of Filipino people." 

Of course, not only DDT who wanted to remove the president from his power, but also some senators like Senators Pangilinan, Hontiveros, and others. Some say that big-time businessmen wanted to change Duterte as a President and the ones who have the power to dictate influential politicians to go against the president.

If the talks that De Lima and Drilon have plans against President Duterte, then Filipinos should be prepared about this since Drilon is still out there and who knows one day this allegation that Drilon, who is one of the masterminds to oust President Duterte, would probably have a good plan and is probably waiting for the perfect timing to execute his plan. 

Every Filipino wants to have a peaceful country, but due to personal desires of some corrupt political leaders, no wonder Philippines remains to be one of the developing countries who has a lot of issues in regarding corruption, illegal drugs and various criminal activities. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trillanes And Alejano Have A Debt of Gratitude To Former Aquino Admin

Senator Antonio Trillanes and Congressman Gary Alejano have a debt of gratitude to former Aquino administration after the Oakwood mutineers were granted an amnesty by former president Benigno Aquino III.

Trillanes and Alejano supported Aquino administration. Though Alejano lost a local seat as mayor of Sipalay in Negros Occidental, he won a party list seat in 2013. 

The Duterte administration is now cleaning all the mess in the government including those officials in the past. It happened that former Aquino administration is allegedly linked to several graft and corruption with this recent issues of PDAF.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he gave his personal opinion about it and said, "I think both Trillanes and Alejano are just soldiers of Aquino administration, but not the Philippines. I think they wanted to impeach President Duterte because they do not want to expose their anomalies. Duterte had promised Filipinos to solve graft and corruption during his term, and I guess Trillanes and Alejano among these people."

It is not surprising that Trillanes and Alejano would continue to pick battles against the president and other Duterte supporters. Perhaps, they are so desperate that if Death Penalty will be reimposed, they might be included in a list of people who were qualified to be hanged.

Surprisingly, Alejano released a statement saying 

"Kami po any naniniwala na si Pangulong Duterte ay hindi nararapat na manungkulan bilang pinakamataas na opisyal ng ating bansa (We believe that President Duterte is not fit to serve as the highest official of the country)."

Of course, many Filipinos already knew that Magdalo group aligned with former Aquino administration. As I said, they have a deep debt of gratitude to former regime for giving them amnesty and for giving them privileges in the government. Now that president is fighting against graft and corruption, they want to impeach him.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Self-confessed Killer Edgar Matobato Asks For 'State Protection' Against Trillanes And His Cohorts

In a latest news, self-confessed Edgar Matobato, who has been labeled as "the most wanted" in the Philippines, is now ready to reveal all the secrets of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and his cohorts if the government can provide protection for his life, and if the government can assure his safety against Trillanes and his team according to Aljazeera News.

Whether this news is true or not, President Rodrigo Duterte should be careful against the people who are behind his impeachment like Congressman Gary Alejano, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and others because these politicians are very desperate to remove him from his power, even sacrificing their own lives according to some netizens. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I think Duterte's enemies are crazy and hunger for power. That's one of the reasons why they want to oust the president. They don't want good for the Filipino people and they don't even want the positive change in our country."

Matobato has been known for not telling the truth and sacrificing his dignity in the name of power and money. If he really wants to help the Duterte administration, then he can easily surrender himself to the authorities. If the threat is real against his life, then he should confess everything in order to learn who are these people behind the impeachment of the President.

Alejano and Trillanes are just one of the political leaders who want to remove President Duterte from his power, but I think Filipinos already knew about it that there are still some rich and powerful politicians, businessmen and others who do not like Duterte to remain in power. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Erwin Tulfo To Congressman Gary Alejano: Use Your Brain

TV and Radio Host Erwin Tulfo has released a viral video saying to representatives Gary Alejano to use his brain. The people have shared this video a thousand times on social media after Tulfo made it right, describing to social media followers and to everyone that it is not Alejano's duty to investigate and impeach President Rodrigo Duterte. 

A brave Tulfo was saying the truth about Congressman Alejano that he has not use his brain well if it's still functioning or not. Using a brain for a Congressman is an important part of his job, without proper thinking it would create a big problem among its people.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I believe Mr. Erwin Tulfo got the correct description of Congressman Gary Alejano. For me, he is a st*pid Congressman who did not know his functions as a legislator. I wonder how he became a congressman. That's just my opinion."

Alejano was frustrated after the lower house or congress put his impeachment complaint against president Duterte about extrajudicial killings into the trash. Their allegations were purely political and have not supported by any reliable evidence at all.

Netizens all over social media commented that Alejano and Trillanes are both st*pid politicians, and many Filipinos have repented why they have supported these two id*ots. Others said that they are paid politicians who worked under oligarchs, but every abusive politician will come to an end soon as  many Filipinos have promised that this will be their last career. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Alejano is Against Death Penalty And Accuses President Rodrigo Duterte As An Oligarch

Rep. Alejano became very emotional and mad after their complaint to impeach president Rodrigo Duterte had been put to trash. He said that he is against the capital punishment in the Philippines, using the poor Filipinos as an examples to be most likely the victims of extrajudicial killings. He also accused President Rodrigo Duterte as an oligarch in the country, having a billion of pesos in his bank account which seems a big question mark for everyone as it does not prove anything and purely called a hearsay. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I don't think Mr. Alejano represents his people but only goes to show for the money. What are his motives to impeach the president? I don't think it's all about EJKs, but simply based on his statement about losing his power as a representative for his people." 

Alejano has been very vocal against the president that he is a murderer, killing thousands of Filipinos during his term. He is also afraid that President Duterte will become a dictator like former President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. 

The question of many Filipinos to Mr. Alejano, if you are really a true public servant, why did you talk only now wherein the problem of illegal drugs during the past administrations have become rampant across the country? 

It has been said all over social media that the intention of Alejano is to bring chaos in the country, using the poor who are the only victims of extrajudicial killings. But the truth is, they have been planning to oust the president since at the very beginning of his office. Duterte gives hope for the poor and victims of injustices in the past. HE IS FOR A REAL CHANGE!

De Lima Believes She's A Hero For Defending Women's Rights in the Philippines

Senator Leila De Lima believes to herself that she is doing a right thing, making new laws to defend and protect the rights of women against abuses and various forms of violence after the lady senator was imprisoned because of the allegations that she was a drug protector when she was still a DOJ secretary under Aquino administration.

During the Aquino administration, there was a drug proliferation inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City, Philippines, that nobody in the Aquino regime could find out who were those people behind the illegal drug trade and various activities of parties and concerts inside the maximum prison cell. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "Of course, it was very hard to pinpoint those drug lords at the time of Aquino administration since there were allegations of high-ranking government    officials who were known as the masterminds and drug protectors of illegal drugs."

A lot of Filipinos became drug addicts, and until now the Duterte administration is doing their good effort to eliminate and end the battle against illegal drugs that have caused many innocent lives in the past.

President Rodrigo Duterte got the green signal of a majority of Filipinos around the world to punish those drug lords and pushers and put them behind bars, if death penalty is not yet reconsidered by the    lawmakers. 

The plan to bring back the capital punishment in the country is supported by a majority of Filipinos. The law proposed that those who are found guilty of illegal drugs are punishable by death and life imprisonment, depending on the court decision.

Leni Robredo To President Rodrigo Duterte: I Am Ready To Become A President

Some Filipinos do not believe what Vice President Leni Robredo said that she does not wish anything ill of the President, but she was asked by GMA TV host Mike Enriquez if she is prepared to take over the President just in case something happens to him. Robredo said, "I am ready to be president."

A few months ago, there were a lot of speculations that Robredo and her cohorts had plans to replace President Duterte. Whether these speculations are true or not, the president is risking his life for the good of Filipinos and country. Without having fear, the president continues to fight against illegal drugs, corruption and criminality in the country.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said,"despite his advanced age, the president has the ability to work hard for the Filipino people and for the beloved country. I hope and pray the president would remain healthy and finish his term."

Despite the fact Robredo said this statement, “ako naman po, I do not want to wish anything ill sa ating pangulo. Pero sa akin kasi, mas mabuti sana na nothing happens. Iyon na iyong ideal world. Nothing happens to the President, the President and the Vice President work well together. For the benefit of the nation,” many are still not convinced  that she is hoping for the best to our beloved president.

Lots of netizens have said that Robredo really wants to become a President. That is one of the reasons why they had been rumored to have a Plan A, B, C, D to oust Duterte. And if anything happens to the president, Robredo as a Vice President, is prepared to lead the country accordingly to her recent statement and mandate.

In an interview Robredo said, "pero sa akin naman it’s part of the mandate. When I ran, nandoon na po iyong obligation ko, na if anything happens, I should be prepared to lead. Hindi ko nakakalimutan iyong mandato ko. Iyong mandato ko is that I should always be prepared.” 

After this statement, Filipinos commented on social media saying "protect the president." They have been praying that the impeachment filed by Magdalena Representative Gary Alejandro against the president would not materialize, and I think it would only be put to trash since all these past days , the opposition has become desperate to oust the president because of their alleged previous corruption under Aquino administration.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte To Burn Confiscated Illegal Drugs in Public

President Rodrigo Duterte really hates illegal drugs as the Duterte administration is expected to burn the confiscated illegal drugs in public in order to show to everyone that drug lords and drug pushers including the users have no place here in the Philippines.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, " the president doesn't need to gain the people's trust because Filipinos already trusted him in the first place. He is always keeping his promise to end the problem of illegal drugs in the country."

As expected, some corrupt officials are selling confiscated illegal drugs to other people, that is one of the reasons why the Duterte administration is putting a lot of pressure to these corrupt officials to show their network of narcotics. 

Also, critics of President Duterte doesn't want to believe that he would win the fight against illegal drugs. It only shows that if these people had been as leaders in the country, many Filipinos would have suffered bad luck and I think a lot of Filipinos are drug users nowadays because these leaders would not do something to stop the proliferation of narcotics. 

One Duterte supporter commented, "the time for drug lords and pushers is now going to end under Duterte administration who is in favor of bringing the death penalty in the country." Burning the confiscated illegal drugs would send a strong message to dug lords that this current administration is serious about its campaign against prohibited drugs.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Senator Antonio Trillanes Slams Senator Manny Pacquiao For Not Supporting Same-sex Marriage

SENATOR Antonio Trillanes IV criticized Senator Manny Pacquiao for not supporting same-sex marriage as Pacquiao has other thing on his mind as he wanted to reimpose death penalty in the Philippines. 

Trillanes said that he respected Pacquiao's opinion about his remark against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, but he pointed out that Pacquiao should open his mind and should not be a narrow-minded person.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "Pacquiao is always an honest person. It's his personal opinion that he disagreed same-sex marriage and wanted to bring back capital punishment in the Philippines because of rampant various corruption and crimes."

Netizens questioned Trillanes why he wanted same-sex marriage rather than having the death penalty in the country as one of the effective ways to reduce criminal activities, protecting and saving human lives including the LGBT community.

Pacquiao has been known as an ally of current President Rodrigo Duterteand is now a senator who debated against Senator Leila De Lima about his proposal to reimpose capital punishment in the country. As expected, the opposition did not want it.

Pacquiao and Trillanes have been reportedly to have arguments between each other before, but the the two senators easily resolved their issues through confrontation and good conversation. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why Did Senator Kiko Pangilinan Fear Janet Napoles As A State Witness?

Liberal Party Senator Kiko Pangilinan believes that Janet Napoles cannot be a state witness because according to him, she is the mastermind of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

In a recent interview with Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, he allegedly revealed that Sen. Pangilinan also part of the said PDAF scam that led to a lot of netizens to think twice why he disagreed to make Napoles as a state witness of PDAF scam.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "if Janet Napoles is the only way to reveal all those crooks in the Philippine government, then let her do her part to be a state witness."

The crime here is plunder or graft, and I think every Filipino has the right to know what is really the truth about those high-ranking government officials who committed corruption by conspiracy.

Some legal experts have agreed to this kind of idea, but they've also wondered whether Napoles can qualify as a state witness since she is not the least guilty and is in fact accused of being the mastermind of the PDAF scam.

In one of the interviews of DOJ Sec. Aguirre, he said, “Yes, we’re actually planning to meet with her for our review of the PDAF cases,” referring to Janet Napoles as a state witness of PDAF Scam. 

Of course, many people commented that the credibility of Janet Napoles would still depend on her statements whether she really has knowledge of everything.

Now, Senator Kiko Pangilinan has feared Janet Napoles to become a state witness because she might be used as an instrument to persecute Duterte's opponents, but netizens now believe that Napoles probably knew that some Liberal Party Senators are actually involved to PDAF scam. That's one of the reasons why they do not agree to the credibility of Napoles.

Jinggoy Estrada Allegedly Involves Senator Pangilinan in PDAF Scam

News around the social media that Sen. Jinngoy Estrada allegedly mentioned Senator Kiko Pangilinan who misused the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAP) scam. This might be one of the reasons why Actress Sharon Cuneta went to other country because it has a lot of negative impact to their current relationship.

“If anyone reading this can prove to me that my husband has stolen any amount from his PDAF in his 12 years as senator, I will give you P10 million in cash and I will leave my husband. That is how confident I am,” Sharon Cuneta tweeted.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I think Sharon Cuneta considered Sen. Jinggoy Estrada as a close family friend. She might feel a little of betrayal for his revelation."

Netizens commented about this issue that Jinggoy might be telling the truth about it as they were close friends before. Others said that it is a natural reaction of Ms. Cuneta to defend her husband from this allegation. 

There is now a question for everyone: why is it that Mr. Estrada is allegedly involved Sen. Kiko Pangilinan in PDAF scam? Why now?

Perhaps, Mr. Estrada is a changed man and wants to be a good role model especially to other high-ranking government officials that it is not late to tell all their secrets they know because President Rodrigo Duterte is really serious about his promise to imprisoned all corrupt politicians in the country.

Grandmother Was Killed By Her Son And Granchild Due To Illegal Drugs

Illegal illegal drugs should be stopped now to save    many innocent lives. A grandmother was another victim of drug addicts, and due to the influence of prohibited drugs, family members do not realize what they were doing when the son and grandchild committed this heinous crime to their beloved member of the family. 

Comments Below: is Philippines in Good Hands Under President Rodrigo Duterte?

President Rodrigo Duterte is an extraordinary president who brought a lot of good changes in the Philippines. Do you think that Philippines is in good hands under Duterte administration? Comment below about your personal opinion. 

Is He Planning To Run For Senator in 2022?

Children Know How To Use Prohibited Drugs

Many children nowadays know how to use illegal drugs, and they know where to trade it even though it would produce harmful effects. For them, selling and using narcotics would help them escape from their problems, and others are just invited to snort drugs until they become addicted to it.

Do you think it is time to punish them for the crimes they've committed like selling and using illegal drugs?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Is DENR Secretary Ms. Gina Lopez A Yellowtard or Not?

By Alon Calinao Dy: There are a lot of issues now all over social media, saying that DENR Secretary Ms. Gina Lopez is a yellow minion because she is a sister of Eugenia Lopez III, the owner of ABS-CBN. Some say that she was a protector of Gutierrez mining company. That's one of the reasons why she was rejected and the allies of Duterte administration voted 'NO' against her, and President Rodrigo Duterte even he wanted Ms. Lopez could not do something about it as this is a democratic country. Is it really the reason why she was rejected by the Commission on Appointments? Or, is it because she is Lopez?

I don't know if how many of you have watched the video of Attorney Antonio Oposa posted last April 19. He brilliantly explained everything in a form of stories, and I truly admired how he did that. I always believe in a good legacy that we Filipinos are going to pass to our children. My friends have asked me this question several times, "hey Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, what is important for you, money or legacy?" Of course, I always answered legacy over money as money can be spent overnight but taking good care of our Mother Earth and the lives of the generations to come is absolutely necessary and one of the reasons why I chose legacy.

Money is important but taking good care of our Mother Earth is way more essential, ensuring better lives for future generations. It is true that all of us are going to die someday, but what kind of legacy one person can give to his children if he chooses money over good legacy, which is preserving and taking good care of our environment. All of us here are just travelers in this world, and as responsible travelers, we must  enjoy our journey without destroying our sorroundings.

For now, I don't believe Ms. Gina Lopez is a yellowtard. I think she was just a victim of a political persecution because her surname is Lopez, a giant TV network in the Philippines who opposed the current administration. I do believe that she is different from his brother as she has strong principles that money cannot buy. What I want now for Ms. Gina Lopez is to prove to everyone that their allegations  about her are wrong, and that she has the mandate of the Filipinos to protect and preserve the Mother Earth for the next generation.

As a Filipino citizen, do you think that Ms. Gina Lopez is being used by the Liberal Party to get the hearts of Filipino people? Why there were LP senators voted 'YES' for Ms. Gina Lopez? If you take a look at the big picture here: why she was rejected by the Commission on Appointments? do you think she is a big threat to mining industries in the Philippines because she cancelled dozens of contracts? Or, do you think she just wants to make a good legacy in preserving the environment for our children? What do you think?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Senator Manny Pacquiao Admires Gina Lopez For Her Great Love To Our Mother Earth

"I believe in my heart that no matter how several big people may be against Gina, she will always stand by what she believes is morally and environmentally right and righteous."
--Senator Manny Pacquiao

DENR Secretary Gina Lopez is one of the bravest women in the Philippines today, though she was rejected as an Environment Secretary by the Commission on Appointments, many Duterte supporters criticized the decision and questioned whether Gina Lopez was really unfit to hold the position.

Senator Manny Pacquiao has been very vocal that he admired DENR Secretary Gina Lopez a lot for her passion and love to safeguard the environment from several mining companies who were alleged for unsafe mining practices.

Some of these big mining companies are owned by rich and powerful people in the country. In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he asked, "If it is not Ms. Gina Lopez, then who will be the next environment secretary?"

I think Lopez angered several mining companies when she cancelled dozens of contracts for being a committed environmentalist. But she has the right to do so when she knows that the lives and safety of the people are endangered.

Senator Pacquiao showed his support to Ms. Lopez. He said
"I believe in my heart that no matter how several big people may be against Gina, she will always stand by what she believes is morally and environmentally right and righteous."

I also believe that Lopez is doing the right thing for our country especially for our environment that has been abused by many people. No wonder why we now experience earthquakes and other natural calamities because we do not care for our mother nature.

Like what Pacquiao said that he felt the concern of Ms. Lopez for our mother earth, many Filipinos have raised their voices together in social media that they are still going to support Ms. Gina Lopez. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Opinion: Leaders Who Failed The Expectations of Filipinos Against Illegal Drugs

Illegal drugs are all over the Philippines, and some rich and powerful politicians are involved with these criminal activities. And because of the bad effects of narcotics, various crimes have been reported and committed by these drug users. They strike without warning to their victims, and often their effects can be devastating to the criminals and their victims.

Leni Robredo & Mar Roxas

Before May 2016 elections, Presidential aspirant Mar Roxas claimed he knew where to buy "shabu" in Davao City. He said, "Davao City alone is ranked as the 4th highest incidence of crine in the country; there is an illegal drug problem in Davao."

As a former DILG Secretary, he knew the locations where to buy narcotics and did not even do something to end the country's major problem of illegal drugs. In his statement alone, it seems he knew a lot of things about narcotics but remained silent about it. 

Roxas even dared President Rodrigo Duterte to accompany him. In the interview he said to Duterte, "now, I can accompany you to Davao. Do you want me to accompany you? We can buy drugs in Davao." 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "if Mar Roxas knows where to buy illegal drugs, why until now he does not want to reveal all the secrets of illegal activites to the authorities? Did he really mean what he said?"

Of course, a recent issue about Vice President Leni Robredo who wanted to decriminalize drug use across the country. She said in an interview, "why don't we look at the best practices and try them, because we have enough lessons in the past from other countries to determine what works and what doesn't."

What works for these countries of Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico might not work for our country. Mr. Dy said, "I think Robredo should also have considered Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China, and other countries who have harsh punishment among drug traffickers but were proven to be successful of eliminating the proliferation of illegal drugs in their respective countries." 

Aside from President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that the brains of shabu users shrink after they use the drug, this methamphetamine or shabu can cause a lot of health problems to human being. 

Once a person becomes addicted to shabu, its long lasting and harmful side effects include memory loss, paranoia, aggression, hallucinations, constant confusion, insomia, violent thoughts, respiratory problems, heart attack, sudden death, and many more. That's one of the reasons why it should not be allowed in the Philippines.

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Viral Photo of an Alleged Government Employee Who Punched A Tricycle Driver in Eastern Samar

A viral photo of an alleged government employee who punched a tricycle driver in Eastern Samar, received a public outrage when he hit the poor man in the face. 

According to the Facebook post, this man punched the tricycle driver twice while the police officer did not do something about it.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he explained and said that "the original Facebook post said that the incident took place in Guiuan Eastern Samar, the aggressor angered the viewers since he had no right to hurt this tricycle driver in front of his passengers."

Mr. Dy added, "I think KARMA works as this tricycle driver felt a public shame after the incident, but now it seems it turns out the same to his aggressor who received violent reactions all over Facebook groups and pages."

Until now, different views and comments are flooded all around social media. As you can see here at Yes On The Death Penalty Facebook page, netizens have expressed their outrage because the police did not do anything to pacify the tension between the two parties.

In the meantime, the tricycle driver was praised by the people because he remained calm throughout the incident. But if it happens to someone else, I think it would turn out as a big fight.